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Like any other member of a family, a cat is unique with their own personality, wants and needs. Find everything that your one-of-a-kind feline friend needs to stay happy and healthy throughout their whole day. Shop our collection of discounted brand name cat supplies including collars and leashes, grooming and nail care products, treats, toys, beds, bowls and more. 

Collars & Harnesses

Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

View our selection of high fashion collars, harnesses and leashes, all at bargain prices. Not only will you find excellent construction and durable hardware, but stylish fashions that will show off your kitty's unique personality and attitude.

Pet Beds and Bowls

Pet Beds and Bowls

Every cat has a daily routine and it usually includes snuggling in a warm, safe space and occasionally seeking attention, usually for mealtime. Our selection of beds, caves, soft cushions and elegant framed couches will provide your kitty with a comfortable lounge area that they can call their own. When mealtime arrives and they are ready to reenergize, we offer pretty and practical bowls and dishes to satisfy even the most finicky cat.

Cat Treats & Toys

Pet Treats and Toys

Enrich your feline's daily routine even more by encouraging play with toys! They not only keep your cat entertained when you’re not around but also help to burn off extra energy. Our selection includes interactive games, enticing catnip toys, rattling toys, poles, feather and plush toys, all at bargain prices. 





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